Football Betting: Bookies’ Mistakes

Getting the upper hand on a bookie is tough. Because they are experts in their field and deal with odds on a daily basis, they rarely make a mistake. However, there are times when a bookie isn’t as informed as they should be, or a twist of fate makes their initial odds more lucrative.

Spotting these gaps in the betting market takes a keen eye and a sharp betting brain and is perfect for punters who have developed a sharp statistical brain through games like poker (click here for the latest online games). Indeed, in order to really take advantage of a slip-up by a sportsbook you need knowledge and timing. Not only that but you need immediate access to funds so that you can place a bet before the bookie decides to change their odds.

Spotting inconsistencies in the market is the best way to gain an edge when making football bets, but you’ve got to do your research. Comparing the odds across multiple sportsbooks, as well as an intimate knowledge of football, is required if you want to take full advantage of a juicy bet.

One area of the football betting world where the odds aren’t usually as consistent as other areas is non-league and foreign matches. For punters in the UK there is a decent chance that bookmakers across the world will have an in-depth knowledge of the English leagues. However, when you look at smaller leagues, such as Division 2 in Russia or the world of non-league football, the odds are less accurate.

The reason for this is that there is less information readily available and the bookies don’t have time to conduct lengthy research into all the games. For this reason you can take advantage of this by getting to know every little detail about the teams, the players and the forthcoming matches.

Doing this won’t guarantee that your football bets will win.However, it will give you a much greater chance of success than betting on popular games where the bookie is unlikely to get their odds wrong.

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