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Football and Possible Transfers Post Premier League

Football is a sport in which the strength of a team matters allot. Each and everything has to be planned while keeping all the factors under consideration. To many people football might seem to be a game in which players just get into the ground at random places and start playing against each other randomly. Well this is not the way football is played especially at the professional level. At professional level a team is made while keeping the roles of all players in mind and each and every player works in accordance with the role that is assigned to the. This in return allows the team to work as one single body and perform well.

Over the time teams need to improve so that they could perform better against other better teams. To do so constant upgrading of the players needs to be done. There are two methods by which this could be done, either replace the whole team or replace the players who are not performing so well one by one. The second option is much more feasible and it is used by most of the teams at all levels. At the club level this thing is a bit complicated to understand for many.

At club level teams sign a contract with players and this contract binds them to do as they are asked by the club. The club has complete rights to a player. It happens at many occasions that one club needs a new player; this new player might be playing for some other club. Is this situation the clubs exchange players for a huge sums of money which could go beyond millions of pounds. This is quite normal as players are always looking forward to play for a better team so that they could earn more.

Whenever news is leaked about a player being signed up by a club people start betting on this. These bets are available on a small number of websites, these bets don’t have many great odds like football betting odds but still they are a great thing to bet on. These small odds could also allow you to win some cash beside football betting odds in some cases, so just keep an eye on the news and gossips so that whenever such a transfer news comes you know either a player will be transferring or not or the player will be transferring tio which club.

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Louis Figo drops himself from FIFA presidential election, accusing Blatter to be dictator

Photo created by OscarOn Thursday, it has been reported that Louis Figo is dropped from the race of presidential election of FIFA. He accused the current governor, Sepp Blatter, to be a dictator, who is running football for his greed of power.

The former football giant of Portugal, Figo stated that he would not accept to go along with the election process that is designed “for the delivery of absolute power to one man”.

Not only Louis Figo, but another candidate, Dutch soccer federation president Michael van Praag, has also reportedly withdrawn his name from the election. In fact, the decision came before the announcement made by Louis Figo. So, right now, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein from Jordan is the only person to participate in FIFA election against Mr. Sepp Blatter.

Figo notably said that he is disgusted with the hypocrisy of federation presidents around the world. He also accused that a few people tried raising their voice, but they were forced to remain silent on this regard. He has not exposed any name of such people though!

Figo added that FIFA is living under the dictatorship of Blatter, whose reelection is almost certain. Under the dictatorship, FIFA undoubtedly lost all its credibility. Due to massive scandals and corruptions, football is getting harmed worldwide. Both Figo and Van Praag expressed their concerns on the future of football.

Figo opined that he found place for democratic debate in Europe, as UEFA has opposed Blatter and supported all three opponents against him.

However, Van Praag gave his support to Prince Ali, but Figo has not announced any such moves.

Five Bets You Wish You Made at the Start of the Season

There’s some sports bets that even after a couple of months of the season give you that feeling of ‘well, that was obvious’ but at the start of the season didn’t seem so clear-cut.

1. Ronaldo to be La Liga top scorer: There were many reasons why you might not have backed CR7 to be top scorer in La Liga at the start of the season, could he maintain his super-human run of form? Would he remain injury free for another season? Would James Rodrigues and Javier Hernadez coming in and Di Maria leaving disrupt the flow of the team? But most of all would Messi and co simply out-score the man from Madeira? He’s answered all these questions emphatically with CR7 into double figures and Barca spreading their goals between Messi, Neymar and Suarez it looks certain Ronaldo will finish the season with the Golden Boot. Indonesia M88 spokesperson said “Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now by a long way”.

2. Bayern to win the Bundesliga: There was doubt around Bayern at the start of the season after they lost key midfield playmaker, Toni Kroos to Real Madrid. Would the successful but draining World Cup campaign affect the stamina and desire of their Cup stars? There were questions around Pep Guardiola himself too, his obsessive tinkering sometimes left players unsure of their roles and could cause himself to burn-out. However after a quarter of the season there seems to be no sign of mental fatigue in Pep or physical fatigue in his charges, and with nearest rivals Dortmund imploding leaving them in the relegation zone it seems unthinkable that Bayern won’t be coronated champions in May.

3. Burnley to be relegated from the EPL: Sadly Burnley are floundering in the EPL, it looks like watching a long, slow car-crash as the Clarets stumble through the season. However before the season kicked off it was a different picture, Swansea provided a blue-print of how a hard-working team with great spirit and an young talented manager could thrive in the EPL. Unfortunately a lack of goals and too many errors at the back will cost them, proving just how hard it is to get the alchemy right to avoid the drop from the EPL as a promoted club.

4. Liverpool to finish outside the Top Four. The true-story baseball film Moneyball tells the tale of a team losing their star player to a bigger rival. They devise a theory to replace him not with one player but many smaller signings. They go on to have their best season in decades, including a record breaking 20 game winning streak. JW Henry adopted this theory for his Red Sox team and won the World Series, JW Henry now owns Liverpool FC. So it’s unsurprising to see the Moneyball approach used to invest the £70m windfall from the sale of Luis Suarez into several lesser talents. Unfortunately for Henry and Liverpool soccer is not baseball and Liverpool are missing Suarez…badly. Don’t expect them to qualify for the Champions League this year. Vietnam M88 spokesperson said “Last year was Liverpool’s year, which was clear to see from the amount of bets placed on them to win the league, it’s a completely different story this year.”

5. Pellegrini to get the boot at Man City: Okay, so this one hasn’t happened yet, but it will unless two major problems are addressed. Firstly, City have been a damp squib in the Champions League, in two previous seasons they haven’t qualified for the knock-out stages, and this season they are bottom of their group needing miracle from their two remaining games in order t o reach the second round. Secondly, they have gone backwards in the EPL. Only two players have improved on last year, Joe Hart and Sergio Augero. If it wasn’t for these two’s form at the back and up top Pellegrini might have gone already.

Online Soccer Betting Vegas Style

When you consider all of the sports that compete on a global scale, FIFA soccer is probably the most popular, although in the United States, football is still the most watched sport on television. However, over the last decade soccer has become increasingly popular in the US and there have been some incredible international matches recently.

Sports Betting:
For sports betting fans who love to make wagers on their favorite teams, there are several sites that rate high on the list. However, sifting through all of the terms and conditions of each individual site can take a lot of time and get quite tiring.
The following sites have undergone a comprehensive check and have been researched for their business practices, payout methods, legitimacy, security, and entertainment value, so you don’t have to spend hours of your time performing this research on your own.

1. Bovada Sportsbook:
Bovada has proven to be one of America’s leading online sports betting sites and full-service casinos that offer special bonuses and features that are second to none. The site is currently offering cash matches of 50 percent on first time deposit amounts of up to $250.00 DOLLARS. Visit the site and you will quickly realize that it isn’t necessary to place wagers on any other online betting site because they have everything you need in one palce!

2. Betonline Sportsbook:
This is a very popular site that continues to attract sports bettors of all types. They offer a 25 percent match on all deposits, which is cash you can use to place larger wagers on your favorite picks and win big money!

This popular online sports betting website has a full-service casino, Live Sportsbetting, poker rooms, horse race wagering, and more. The site is legal for US citizens and the offer a 35 percent bonus on all deposits.

4. Bet365 Sportsbook:
This is another legitimate online sports gambling site that is currently offering up to $1,000.00 dollars in cash matches for all deposits. They also provide a full-service casino and exceptional customer service. The site is open to most countries around the globe; however, it is not a legal sport betting site for US citizens.

Popular Soccer Bets:
There are many options when it comes to betting on soccer and your wagers certainly don’t have to end after the game starts. You can wager on what’s called Live Soccer Betting that includes point spreads, money lines, and total bets even while play is still happening.

Betting on FIFA Soccer:
Parlay bets are also a popular style of betting on soccer matches, and the more teams you choose that win, the higher the payout and the bigger your winnings. In addition, the FIFA Soccer Confederations Cup is held every 4 years, and they are, without question, one of the most popular matches for both spectators and sports bettors alike. For more information on betting and links to legitimate sports betting sites, visit at your earliest convenience.


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